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Aevum High is a purpose built international online high school, offering a high-touch and socially rich online learning experience and international accredited curriculum and qualifications to learners, providing platforms and structures whereby, learners engage in live online classes on a daily basis with access to 21st Century relevant technology and softwares.

Learners are supported by a team of expert teachers, passionate mentors, and highly responsive technical support staff, keeping learners on track with their studies, and facilitate their holistic development. Aevum High’s environment is strategically designed to bring learners, staff and guardians together in a community of belonging.

Aevum High seeks to ensure that learners graduate as well-rounded individuals, prepared to inspire excellence and make an impactful difference.

Aevum High Online provides the perfect learning environment where our learners are able to define their own successes, built on developing  a strong sense of who they are, what they can achieve, and what it feels like to be part of a focused and supporting school.

A Clear Purpose

Purpose Built and Promise Bound

Aevum High Online is a purpose built online school, designed with educational programmes, teaching practices, and an all-inclusive, supportive culture to ensure that learners are fully engaged in their learning.

Aevum High Online believes that each and every student is unique. And therefore, we have bound ourselves to one promise:-

To provide abundant opportunities for our learners every step of the way and to guide, mentor, and facilitate the development of their intellect, creative spirit and passions, their comfort in who they are, and their relationships.

Our Differentiators

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today - Malcom X"

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  • British International Curriculum
  • Individualised Teaching
  • Live Classes with Expert, Qualified Educators
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Supportive and Mentoring Learning Environment

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Aevum High Online is a online-only school, offering international qualifications globally to ages 13-19.

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