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Life at Aevum High Online

Being an Aevian

Aevum High Online provides the perfect foundations for online learning, enabling our learners the freedom and flexibility to not only succeed academically, but also to perform and allocate dedicated time to passions or commitments outside of the academic realm.

Aevum High focuses on preparing and enabling each of our Aevians to blaze a trail of success as they enter the working world. Therefore, each learners academic path is individualised and self-paced.

A Glance at the Annual Academic Pathway

Induction: At the start of the academic year begins, new learners are inducted into the school to familiarise themselves with the platform and school expectations.  

Welcome Week: Before the academic year begins, all learners partake in the Welcome Week, where learners are introduced or welcomed back into their school houses, familiarise themselves with their tutors, mentors, and house leaders, as well as decide on their extra-curricular activities during the Clubs Showcase days.

Flipped classroom: Our Flipped Classroom approach is designed to increases learner engagement and encourages 21st Century Critical Skills. Learners will work through interactive self-study materials and problem based learning content in their own time to develop an understanding of subject content, followed by a live lesson in a virtual classroom with subject specialists. As learners progress through subject content, supported by our engaging, interactive, and insights driven platforms, educators are made available for individual sessions with learners. 

Self-Study Materials: We invest heavily in producing high quality online course materials which cover the entire A level courses. These interactive self-study lessons are carefully crafted by subject matter experts with a wealth of experience creating A level textbooks and online resources. The materials are designed to scaffold the way to harder concepts, and keep pupils engaged – far removed from just watching videos. They start with learning objectives and include self-assessment with feedback, one of the most impactful methods of learning. 

Live lessons: Teachers hold regular live lessons in which pupils gather online in real-time in small class sizes for targeted instruction, based on the insights generated throughout their self-study. Teachers explore the understanding of the material and push pupils to apply and extend their knowledge. 

Learning goals: Pupils also have regular one-to-one meetings with their Tutor to help them set learning goals and reflect on their progress

Student Mentorship

Being an Aevian

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  • British International Curriculum
  • Individualised Teaching
  • Live Classes with Expert, Qualified Educators
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Supportive and Mentoring Learning Environment

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